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  • Lingzai is the name for a fishing net, while Liao means a simple shack, therefore Lingzailiao has the meaning of a place where fishermen of Kaohsiung Harbor store their fishing nets. Guotianzai derived its name from the fact that the area consists of a vast span of farmland, and the residents need to cross over the ridge between the fields. Lindeguan is situated between Guotianzai and Wukuaicuo; there are two sources of origin for its name, the first being that the land was developed by the Lin family, the other is that it was named after the name Lin Jhu-gan because the area was originally a bamboo forest, and therefore the homonym of Lindeguan was used. Wukuaicuo is the easternmost village in Lingya District, where during the Mingjheng Period, the Jhang, Wang, Wu, Fang and Chen families arrived here with the army to develop the land and constructed five thatched cottages. This is from where the name was derived.