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    Civil affairs section: ext. 2415, hotline: 3355159
    Autonomous administration, election, folk custom & religion, land administration, healthcare, Li administration, environmental health, compulsory education, social education, culture, civil defense, mediation, national health insurance, indigenous people’s welfare and other civil affairs related matters.
    Social affairs section: ext. 2535, hotline: 3322350
    Social welfare, labor administration, cooperative enterprise, disaster rescue, social movement, community development, employment counseling, civil organization counseling and other social affairs related matters.
    Economic development section: ext. 2542, hotline: 334856
    Market, industry & commerce, metrology, agriculture & food, taxation, notarization, infrastructure and other economic development related matters.
    Military services section: ext. 2528, hotline: 3326504
    Military service administration, servicemen management, conscription processing, substitute servicemen recruitment, military service duties, reserve force management, reserved substitute service management and other military service related matters.
    Secretariat: ext. 2570, hotline: 3310335
    Research & evaluation, official seal, documents, archives, general affairs, cashier, information and matters not handled by other sections and offices.
    Accounting office: ext. 2586, hotline: 3310336
    Perform budgeting, accounting and statistics in accordance with the law.
    Personnel office: ext. 2589, hotline: 3310338
    Perform personnel management matters in accordance with the law.
    Government ethics office: ext. 2585, hotline: 3322352
    Perform government ethics affairs in accordance with the law.

    Lingya District Office, Kaohsiung City. Switchboard: (07)332-2351

    Information desk extension: 2500-2501