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    Lingya District is located near the south of Kaohsiung City. It originated near Kingma, which was once a vacant plot of land for sun drying fishing nets. It was called Lingzailiao initially and later became known as Lingya.
    Since the Kaohsiung City Government relocated from the Yancheng District to this district, buildings and department stores emerged along Sanduo Rd. Together with the existing cultural center business district, it has become the new center of focus for Kaohsiung’s administration, cultural education and commerce, demonstrating a flourishing area.
    Due to the geography of the district, it is bordered in the east by Fongshan District, in the west by Kaohsiung Harbor and in the north by Cianjin, Sinsing and Sanmin Districts. The total area is 8.1522km2, comprising of 69 Lis and 1248 neighborhoods.
    The district is in the vicinity of Kaohsiung City Government’s Sihwei administration center, where there is abundant culture, flourishing commerce and towering buildings. In particular, the Tuntex Sky Tower is the landmark of the city, making Lingya the area with the most development potential.